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Special Additions




(this can be added to the Castle tour upon request)


It was founded in 1140 on Strahov Hill and it is considered as one of the oldest monasteries. You enter the complex through the baroque gate with a statue of St. Norbert, the founder of the St. Norbert’s Order.


When you decide on a private tour of the monastery, you will use the back door and can explore the two very unique and beautiful library rooms. Your guide can tell you many stories and show you the illustrations in some of the books. When you go with other “normal” tourists, you just peek into the rooms from the doorway. This Prague interior is really worth visiting and highly recommended, especially after its complete cleaning and renovation which was finished at the end of the last year.


The two amazing rooms are: the Theological Hall dating back to 17th century. It is decorated with a stucco ceiling with frescos dedicated to science, education and different proverbs. We admire the rich collection of more than 15.000 books, astronomical and geographical globes, precious old songbooks and unique pieces of furniture. The 18th century Philosophical Hall occupies two floors and it is really a temple of sciences.


The book cabinets – home to 50 000 books - were originally designed for a different monastery and since they represent great example of baroque woodcarving, they found their home here and the hall was built according to their size. The magnificent fresco called “Intellectual Progress of Mankind” is the icing on the cake of this private tour.


You will also see the Cabinet of Curiosities and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary where Mozart used to play the organ during his Prague visits. Stunning view of Prague panorama can be admired from the backyard of the Monastery.