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approx. 6 hours


This tour will last about six hours and you we will see the following places:




The old silver mining town called Kutna Hora. It originated as a small mining community in the second half of 13th century. When rich deposits of silver were discovered, king Vaclav II took over and Kutna Hora became the second most important town after Prague in the Czech Kingdom. The name Kutna Hora comes from a German expression “khutten bergh” which means “mining mountain”.


For centuries the power and wealth of Czech kings was based on Kutna Hora and its silver. Florentine bank experts, invited by Vaclav II., carried out a coin reform. Silver coins under the name “Prague Groschen“ began to be minted here. They were so successful, that they were circulated all over Europe. The wealth generated by the town's silver ore also resulted in many construction activities which can be admired till today.


Miners were rich enough to build their own cathedral dedicated to St. Barbara - their patron saint. This cathedral is listed by the UNESCO as of special cultural significance. In the late 14th century a superb palace, Italian Court, was constructed with reception halls, private residential rooms of the king, mint workshops and the Chapel of St.Wenceslas. Walking through the town, your guide will explain and show you many other sights.




In the district of Sedlec located on the outskirts of Kutna Hora, we can find another cathedral built by the Cistercian order. Next to the cathedral, there is a Chapel of All Saints with more than 40.000 human bones assembled in huge bells, macabre chandeliers, ostensories and coats of arms. It sounds very strange but it is really very interesting and worth seeing.